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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

After completing 4 weeks of class, our Nursing Aides are required to complete 40 hours of clinical. That is 1 week of clinical at a facility the school is contracted with. As a nursing Instructor, I first want to Thank all CNA's for helping educate students in your facilities!

Next, I want to start by asking and reminding CNAs that during clinical's our students are treated as students and not as if they were precepting for the job. There is a difference between a student and precepting. A student, a person who is studying at a school or college, and most of the time is brand new trying to enter the field. This individual sometimes has no knowledge of what the actual job entails. Precepting is someone that has the job and is learning your facilities' protocols and procedures, sometimes they may be fresh out of school as well. As an Instructor, I have a few things I would like to ask of any CNA who may be working with a student in your facility.

  1. Some students may be timid and new to the Healthcare field, ask them about there prior experience in Healthcare prior to training with them.

  2. Show them the right way of performing a skill, they still have to take boards. (Book world not Real-world)

  3. Do not leave them alone to watch patients or perform skills, even if they know how to complete the skill, the Instructor still needs your evaluation of them performing the skill on a real resident.

  4. Be positive! There is a shortage in Healthcare we want to encourage entry into the field not scare students away.

  5. If the student is training with you and you are short-staffed, let the student be an extra set of hands to increase the quality of care. Do this by, performing the task as a team. Nursing shortages have been apart of Healthcare for a while now, that is why we want to encourage students into the field and we want them to stay in it. We can do this by implementing and encouraging Team Work for all students entering the Healthcare field.

  6. Lastly, Continue to reeducate yourself, Nursing is continuous growth and change. No matter how long you have been in your field, you can learn new, safer, and smarter ways to work in your field. Resilient Health Academy would love to train you! If you are new looking to get into the Healthcare field or have been a CNA for a while and need to touch up, on some skills. Were here for it! Click Here to learn more about Resilient Healthcare Academy! Click Here to schedule a Tour!

Thank You!

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