Teaching students to be Resilient in a forever changing healthcare industry.


Offers CNA/LNA classes that will provide students with a rich and diverse learning environment. We provide education through hands-on experience from passionate and dedicated instructors. Resilient Healthcare thrives to empower, motivate, and teach CNA's the importance of  leadership in a compassionate healthcare industry.

What is a Nursing Assistant?
The Nursing Assistant (CNA or LNA) is a vital part of the healthcare team. As a Nursing Assistant you will work closely and under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Nurse.

Job duties may include but are not limited to:

*Performing fundamental nursing tasks related to a patient's care. Such as ADL'S (Activities of Daily Living).

*Completing the primary care for patients and residents who cannot do so for themselves.

*Obtain daily vitals and document using electronic medical records.

Nursing Assistant Admission Requirements:

*Must be 16 years of age or older

*Proof of citizenship or legal resident status
*Admissions test

(English, reading and math) 
*No active felony (ARS32-1606) in the past 3 years for which have not received an absolute discharge
*Background check as required by clinical site
*Flu vaccination as required by clinical site (certain times a year)
*Negative TB test or negative chest x-ray results no older than 6 months

(TB Skin Test completed and read by the end of first week of class)



 Preparing Our Students

Resilient Healthcare Academy aims to have successful Nursing Assistant graduates. Our instructors focus on innovative learning, striving to create a program that engages in the interests of every student. Students will develop critical thinking skills to overcome challenges and accomplish their goals while in a caring, hands-on, exciting and supportive environment.

 Mission Statement


Our mission is to train future Nursing Aides entering the healthcare field to give proper compassionate care, while being resilient in a forever changing healthcare industry. We strive to better our students in addition to providing them with exceptional training.

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